Mom Hack: A tool or technique that makes some aspect of a moms life easier or more efficient.

Being a mom is hard, like really hard! It’s chaotic and stressful at times. We do it all- from laundry to balancing multiple schedules. We’ve joined in on our girls Arin and Navy’s summer blog series. Today we’re sharing some of our best “mom hacks” that help make this crazy life a little easier.

  1. Laundry – I use to toss everything into one basket but the sorting and putting away was a freaking PAIN! Now each person has their OWN laundry basket. So when I do a load of laundry I know exactly where it all goes. I’ve also switched the kids over to the same white socks and I am no longer sorting them for 3 hours!
  2. Planning outfits – Our mornings are usually a blur before work and school. I started laying out the kids outfits for the week. Even better, pull from the laundry pile and set them out in your kids room. My 4 year old can now dress himself (life changer)!
  3. Carry balloons with you at all times. Have you ever met a kid that doesn’t go bonkers over a balloon? They’re easy to pack in your purse and will keep your little entertained, well at least until they pop it and start to cry 🙂
  4. Pizza cutter/Scissors– This tool is great for cutting up pizza, quesadillas, cheese, and sandwiches. I also have a girlfriend that keeps scissors in her purse because someone always NEEDS something to be opened.
  5. Layer your sheets– For infants and toddlers still in the crib, this is a must-have! It’s so much easier to just pull off a set and have the next ones on and ready to go.
  6. Save the diaper box– I found this extremely useful when switching out closets each season. Leave the box in their closet to easily toss in clothes/toys they are outgrowing.
  7. Timers– Probably my favorite “mom hack.” Timers help give your kids a sense of time, and be more aware of the concept of time. This can only benefit them in the long run, not to mention help nip some of your daily battles in the butt!
  8. Time-to-Rise light– My boys have always been early risers (5:45am). As a mom you need your rest and so do your toddlers. They’re are many brands out there but these lights do wonders. They let your toddler know when it’s okay to get out of bed. My only advice is if it doesn’t work right away, stay consistent.
  9. Reward Charts– As your little one starts to become more independent, star charts can be a good thing. Start by picking a few daily tasks you want your little to work on. These charts help show your littles when they’ve done a good job and help keep them motivated! It’s important to encourage positive behavior. Here’s a few “tasks” we have on our chart right now…. getting dressed, brush teeth, and staying in bed until green light turns on. When my kids reach a certain amount of stars they are allowed to pick a fun activity or small prize!
  10. Stay positive– This is hard to do, especially when you’re sleep deprived and you feel like you can’t catch up. We promise things do get easier. One thing I’ve tried to keep in mind is that every age has a stage, and each stage will go as quickly as it came. You’re amazing and got this mama. Keep in mind, you have to do what you feel is right. It’s sometimes hard to not compare yourself to other moms but just know you’re doing a FANTASTIC job!

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