When it comes to birthday party planning I love to think of fun creative ways to celebrate.  It’s hard to believe that my youngest turned two a few months ago.  Parker loves all things Mickey so I decided why not throw a Mickey Mouse 2nd birthday party!  We generally keep it small by just inviting family and a few friends.  As soon as I figured out the theme, I was on it to find invites.  Below is the invitation I sent out found on Etsy.

Since his birthday is in August, I decided to do a ice-cream cake because that’s what I still get on EVERY SINGLE BIRTHDAY and wanted to continue the tradition.  I get one from Dairy Queen that has the fudge and crunch center filling.  If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to for your little one’s next summer party!  It’s SO yummy and they can even do a screen print on the cake.  You just email them the jpg image of whatever you want.

I found his Mickey Mouse shirt at Old Navy and knew he’d love wearing it on his special day.  I found the big Mickey balloon at Party City.

I kept the decor super simple, but thought it would be fun to add some small details that related back to the show itself.

I dipped the pretzel sticks in vanilla almond bark and added some colorful sprinkles!

Adult beverages are a must at these types of parties.  After all thats why they drag themselves to these WILD events (haha).

I had a friend make these adorable sugar cookies.

I wrapped the silverware and called them “Mouskatools.”  I found the plates and napkins at Party City. 

This was the sign I made when you first walked through the door!

I love fresh flowers at any party!  I bought red roses and white hydrangeas and placed them in these cute little mason jars.  I also added a polka dot table runner with some mickey themed confetti to complete the look!

Beverage station

Hope this gives you some inspiration to plan a super easy Mickey themed birthday party!


mickey mouse party