Before kids, I used to spend hours at the gym doing mostly cardio and a few weights.  Now my mind set has changed, and I realize if I want to workout it’s got to be quick and efficient.  Being a mom is hard, messy, stressful, busy, and AMAZING all at the same time.  Working out for me has always been my HAPPY medicine.  It’s where I can listen to kid my music and not get told to play the itsy-bitsy spider for the 10th time.  After my first was born, I found it hard to leave the home (more on that later) but knew I needed something to get my endorphins pumping.  I began searching the internet for workouts that I could do at home while the littles napped.  They only equipment you’ll need for some of these exercises is a yoga mat, mini ball and free weights (3-5-8lbs).  Below are some of my absolute favorite 10-minute workouts that will leave you sore and satisfied!

The equipment you’ll need and where to find…

Yoga Mat

Mini Ball make sure it’s a bit squishy

Free Weights 

The holidays are right around the corner which means, drinking, parties, and a whole lot of food.  These quick workouts will keep you in shape while indulging throughout this holiday season.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
I am wearing KIAVA long sleeve zen top.  I love how soft this top is and the cut out detail is so fun!  My leggings are Zella last year.  Similar ones here. 

Anyone have a new online workout that they love?  Please provide the link in the comments section so I can give it a try!