For any soon to be moms that want to be brave and adventurous in chilly temps, I’ve come up with some amazing ideas for a winter maternity photoshoot.

When I saw that one of my maternity pictures had been saved to over 13k boards on Pinterest, I decided to share a blog post about it.  Here I was pregnant with my first son, Charlie whose due date was in March.  I knew I wanted to get some winter maternity photos a few weeks before this little guy made his debut.  I mean after all, I think it’s so important to capture such a miracle in the making on film and to have those special memories to look back on.  

We really lucked out with the weather because it had been snowing a few days prior to our shoot.  Weather is not something you can plan on, but for us it worked in our favor.  We trusted our photographer, Lilylove Photography to know what we wanted and discussed a few things prior to the session.  When you have a photographer with great reviews who does this daily, there’s no need to stress about it mama.  Let him/her take the lead and I promise they will all turn out wonderful!

Above is the famous picture that’s floating around there on Pinterest and by far one of my favorites 🙂

It was freezing out but we managed to do okay since it was for something special.  We also took breaks in the car to warm up and had heavy jackets we threw on and off…haha

I can’t believe that this was almost 4 years ago.  It’s amazing how fast time flies.  Everyone always said to me, “Once you have kids, time really starts to fly.”  And man were they right.  If you’re due sometime soon, I encourage you to get out in the snow and take some adorable baby bump photos!  I promise you won’t regret it and you’ll always have these special memories to look back on.  Okay maybe I do want a 3rd baby now….