Here is a glimpse into our most recent holiday party! This year I decided that most people just want to snack instead of get a big plate with different appetizers- solution was making a huge charcuterie spread.

Since its the holiday I couldn’t use regular craft paper so I found this cute wrapping paper with reindeer! A little tip is to tape the edges down on the side of your island.

holiday party food

After doing a little research and getting advice from my friend Kate (a serious food guru- check her out) here is what I picked up from the store.

Dried cranberries, almonds, cherry tomatoes, & olives- we are so lucky our grocery store has a full olive bar so I loaded up!

Rice crackers, cranberry crackers, wheat crackers, black pepper crackers

Cranberry cheese, cheddar cheese, brie, pepper jack cheese, mozzarella, bacon cheddar cheese ball, goat cheese

Prosciutto, piccante salame, kielbassa sausage, chorizo sausage,

Spicy mustard, fig jam, jalapaneo salsa spread, mushroom and garlic jam

Go with whatever foods you love there are no rules to what you can put on your spread!

I used a few cutting boards I already had then picked up a few. Here some of mine and a few others and my new knife set!

marble tray | marble and wood tray | be merry marble tray | knife set | acacia long board

My only advice on how to display your food is to take a little from each item and place them down the spread. You can see in the picture below that each item is placed multiple time. You want everyone to have access to the same foods without having them running to the other side of the kitchen.

layers and layers and layers of meat and cheese- I suggest snacking while you put everything out too

Cheese platter

After I had all the meat, cheese and crackers in place I added the olives, jellies and mustards. These little glass bowls are perfect or you can improvise with whatever you have in your cabinets.

 onto the festive drink


1 bag of cranberries

2 litters of diet ginger ale

2 bottles of Procecco

1 bottle of cranberry wine

4 cups of diet cranberry juice

Cinnamon sticks for garnish

For a little extra holiday cheer add 1 cup of blackberry whiskey

Its so simple : chill your ingredients before, grab a punch bowl and pour it all in!

holiday punch

I added a fresh boxwood wreath around the base of the bowl!

Have fun at your next party!

XO- Lindsay


cheese board
holiday party