There is nothing I hate more than ordering “fresh” guacamole and getting something that came from a bag. I want everyone to know how to make the best guacamole ever for your next party or taco night! (CINCO will be here soon too, so save this) There are so many good things about GUACAMOLE – simple to make, healthy, customizable , everyone loves it!


what you will need

5- avocados – There is an art to choosing the right avocado…when you are choosing just make sure it is not too soft but if you slightly apply pressure there is a little give. Hmmm that was the best I could come up with.

3- roma tomatoes – These are the best to get

2- limes – more if you want to make margaritas too

1/2 – small white onion

1/3- jalapeño (remove the stems

6 – cilantro leaves

salt and pepper

The recipe can be adjusted if you love onions get a large one.  Not big on spice then ditch the jalapeño. I need to give my dad props for the guac but he likes way to much onion so I had to adjust.

a few quick steps 

Slice your avocados in half, pit and scoop into your bowl 

“Mush” your avocados – I like to use a large serving fork

-go with whatever consistency you like, my fav is chunky-

Slice the lime & squeeze the juice into the avocado mixture – stir

I am weird a master chef and cut the middle of my tomatoes out – less juice!


Dice the tomatoes, onion, jalapeño and cilantro


Combine ingredients and add salt and pepper to taste


Enjoy and by enjoy I mean make yourself a skinny marg to go with the guacamole.


XO- Lindsay