If you’re anything like me “bunny bait” is one of my favorite goodies to have around the house during Easter!  I love a good sweet and salty snack!  This one isn’t healthy but it’s SO delicious that you’ll have to hide it from the kids if you want any.  I still can’t believe that Easter is less than a month away- bring on the smocked clothes (hubby thinks these are ridiculous) sundresses, and easter egg hunts!

Bunny Bait

  • 3/4 box of corn chex
  • 1 pound bar of vanilla flavored alomond bark
  • 1- 12.6 oz bag of holiday M&M’s (whichever holiday it might be for)
  •  1/4 bag stick pretzels (about 3 handfuls)
  • 1/4 bag tiny twist pretzels (about 3 handfuls)


1.  Gently mix chex and pretzels in a really large metal bowl 

2.  Melt almond bark in a pan on low heat slowly until smooth.  You can also use a double boiler if you’re afraid you’ll burn the chocolate  

3.  Pour 3/4 of melted bark over chex mix and fold carefully with wooden spoon until chex and pretzels are covered

4.  Pour in M&M’s and gently fold in until mixed

5.  Pour in rest of bark and fold well

6.  Lay several pieces of overlapping waxed paper on table and pour mix onto wax paper and spread into thin layer with wooden spoon

7.  Wait until dry, then break into pieces with spatula

This is such an easy and quick recipe that anyone can make! I’m pretty sure I make this for almost every holiday and switch up the name.  Just find the festive colored M&M’s and create a cute name for the mix.  Here’s some examples I’ve done in the past…

Cupids Crunch- Valentines Day

Leprechaun Luck- St. Patty’s Day

Bunny Bait- Easter

Firecracker Mix- 4th of July

Monster Munch- Halloween

Reindeer Candy- Christmas.

Another cute idea is to make tags/printables to tie on bags and give friends, family, teachers, etc.  Below is what I am doing this year for our special peeps.  All you need is a mason jar, festive ribbon, and cute tags. 

Thanks for reading and following along.  Enjoy!

<3- Carley