Just like that, almost overnight it seems, your little baby is now walking, climbing, and talking. They’re suddenly a big kid, which means it’s time for a toddler room. Today I am sharing some easy ways on how to transition your nursery to a toddler room.

Where did my baby go? This rocker is the best and can even transition into a chair!

When I found out I was pregnant with my second baby boy almost 4 years ago, I knew I wanted to decorate his nursery as a “woodland” theme. With this being my second boy, the hubby pretty much gave me free rein on the entire project! I wanted to incorporate gold tones and keep it neutral and “baby free”. We had moved into a new house and this was going to most likely be our forever home. My thought was to keep this room neutral so it could transition with my child. We painted the walls graceful gray and I was in love. I used the same nursery furniture that my oldest used when he was a baby. When it came to decorating, I kept it simple. I added a few pictures above the changing table that could easily be replaced or changed out if I wanted. Most of the pics I got from Etsy and Hobby Lobby.

Fast forward to a few years later, the time had come where my babe was climbing out of his crib. I knew it was time for a toddler bed. I found this one at Ikea and it’s the perfect height for my toddler. Instead of a box spring it has slats which keeps it a low profile bed for your growing toddler. Everything on the walls has stayed up for 4 years, because it’s still age appropriate.

We recently installed this Lucian LED fan from Kichler. I love it’s bold, strong lines for my little mans room. It’s masculine but still very stylish and appropriate for the room. It’s also a very clean look and the best part about it is the digital wall mount with 3 settings and a dimmer. When bedtime approaches my little guy loves to put his fan on low for the perfect breeze and dim the lights for story time. It quiet and perfect!

Tips on how to transition:

  1. Keep the room neutral- adds pops of color in bedding/wall art
  2. Choose a theme that can grow with them
  3. Create a cozy spot for play and reading books
  4. Remove anything breakable or make out of reach

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Thanks for stopping by- Carley