Today I’m sharing my tips on how to organize your child’s playroom.  With the new year here, I’ve decided to get organized, and my playroom is first on the list.

I am sure many of you are overwhelmed with the amount of toys your kiddos received this holiday season, and wondering where to store it all.

When we moved into our house, I knew I wanted a super fun space for my boys to play with all of their toys. We had a “sitting room” that we transformed into a playroom. Anyone with kids would agree this type of room is wasted space. We live in 1.5 story house so the boys bedrooms are upstairs. Since I had 2 kids under 2 years, I wanted to keep them on the first floor during the day!  I thought, why not create a space that they’d love. Here are all my finds and tips on how it stays so organized, even with two busy boys.

First off, storage is KEY to staying organized.  I found this six cube organizer at Target.

These storage bins from Target hold a ton of stuff and keep a clean look!  They’re sturdy and even collapse if you want to take with you somewhere.

It think its also important to have a comfy spot for littles to hangout where they can play on the ground.  Just by adding a rug can help create a warm and cozy space.

I love our the train table because it too has a drawer that pulls out for more additional storage.  You can find the train table here.  I have a system that I try implement to stay organized.

Here are a couple things I ask myself when the declutter process starts…

  • Has the toy been played with this month
  • Is the toy missing pieces
  • Do your kids think it is super special
  • Is it broken
  • Will a younger sibling play with it

Once I’ve asked myself these questions my playroom seems to stay organized enough to where I am not driving myself crazy with a mother overload of toys!

I also love any type of basket, storage bin, etc. where I can keep all of my kiddos stuffed animals.  You can find my gold storage bin here. 

I fell in love with this kitchen because it can also be used for storage.  You may think it’s strange to buy my 2 boys this, but they love it and who doesn’t love a man that can cook 🙂  It received the 2016 Parents’ Choice Toy of the Year award.

Last but not least a couch that isn’t super fancy because we all know popcorn and movie nights are a must!  I found this couch at World Market and love it (see similar one here). The fabric is very durable and I can easily wipe away a snack or a spill 🙂

Some of the things I have are sold out, so I linked similar items below.

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What is your favorite use of storage in your playrooms?

xo- Carley