This week we have teamed up with our bestie Val from Lovely Lucky Life to share a few of our favs from Amazon. Don’t worry we will still have our full haul for this month!

In the past few months both my boys have had birthdays so this momma has been gift shopping via Amazon, two days before their big days!

Best Gifts via Amazon


Hot Potato – I promise this will be one of the most hilarious games you will love playing with you kids. Our entire family laughs so hard every single time! $12 is soooo worth it!

Pie Face – Another total winner we have had for a few years. Its games like this that are so fun too when other kiddos or cousins are over!


My little guy spent so much time at his papas and cousins houses cruising on their scooters and it was the ONLY thing he kept saying he wanted for his birthday. – Your wish is my command little guy – Scooter was his “big” present!

Lots of requirements in a scooter included :

  • Lean to steer – the most important feature of a scooter!
  • Can it grow with him- weight limit is up to 100lbs & the
  • 3 Wheels – because the two wheels seem like an accident waiting to happen.
  • Seated option – this is removable but great if you buy this closer to two!
  • Almost 2,000 5 star reviews on Amazon = mom approved!

Balance Bike

Did you know that kids are no longer getting bikes with training wheels?? I just found out 4 months ago…right before I bought two balance bikes. These bikes are amazing and my boys have done so well! Balance bikes get your kids ready for their big kid bikes till they are ready to move to the real thing. I would recommend this for age 2 and up, I promise you kids will be cruising in no time!

There are two different versions of balance bikes and they are different sizes. They both give you the ability to adjust the handle bars and seat as your kids grow! The Strider brand is the way to go – super durable on the frame and the wheels.

Balance Bike – This is perfect for you little one around age 2. The seat can fit kiddos with in inseam

Balance Bike with adjustable wheels – This height starts at inch inseam BUT the best part is that you can add pedals to this bike! Once your kiddo gets a handle on balance and is ready for the real thing you just easily add the pedals!

Don’t forget a helmet!!

So after all the parties – and gifts- and yes I have finally started thank you notes 2 months later (I’m THE WORST). We have lots of bags – which I keep.

Gift Bag Organizer : I revealed my collection of gift bags and tissue paper last week and had someone message me about this organizer. I immediately felt like I was 75 years old and ordered this doubled sided organizer! Woohoo – now I just need to get them put in here!

If you wanna see a few of our other Amazon hauls you can find them below, we have everything from swimsuits, coffee cups, dresses, kimonos!

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