Sorry I missed my month of July finds – its been an emotional roller coaster in my life lately and a few things had to fall to the side. The amazon orders were still pouring in don’t worry!

The great thing about Amazon is its always a mix of what we can find from fashion to food !

Somehow I have found three coverups that are so good, plus a bonus is you can wear them outside of the pool too!

Blue and White | Kaftan | Palm Print

These colors are just too good. I think you could ever pull this off as a dress.

So C & I have a minor addiction to leggings and if you would have asked me a year ago I thought you had to splurge on good quality leggings – ummm wrong! Our two favorites are these (pictured on both of us below- comes in a ton of colors) and these!

Core 10 leggings: These were recommended by Val from Lovely Lucky Life. You can “build your own leggings” by choosing the rise, length and size! This is perfect – I’m pretty basic and wear the high rise, regular, and small. These also go from sizes xs-3x!

If you follow along on IG stories you might know that I have a major issue keeping track of everything. The things I misplace the most are my keys, phone, Airpods, and my credit cards. Pretty much the most important things besides misplacing my kids! Found solutions to almost all of them….

The Tile: I have seen the Tile a few times over the last year and finally ordered it via the Prime Sale. If I knew how amazing it was a year ago I would have paid double. You simply attach is to your key chain OR put it in your wallet. You can then “ping” it and it will ring from your phone. If have your keys but not your phone – you can make it ring you phone! Pretty genius. The best $18 ever spent!

Lily Pulitzer Wrist key ring: I LOVE that I toss this over my wrist and its easy to carry!

AirPod Case: (pictured above in black). Such a simple concept again but total life saver. You can easily hook this to your keys like we do or within your purse so you aren’t digging for them. The best part is you can still charge them while in the case!

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer: I avoided buying this for months since I had just gotten a new blow dryer last year. Big mistake, its so good. I can completely skip the straightener, my hair looks so smooth. The biggest perk is on 2-4 days I can add dry shampoo and smooth / lift for more volume. See our IG stories for my mini tutorial.

Fly Trap: I’m moving this to the top of weirdest things I have ever posted online. We love sitting on our patio for dinner but the flies have been insane. So after stalking Amazon for good reviews I grabbed three of these and in two days the flies were gone at dinner. It’s so sick but the boys love going to check on the fly traps to see how many we get.

Bentgo Lunch Box: I ordered this for my son who is starting kindergarten. So many great reviews and I love that it has 5 practical compartments for food! It fits perfectly into this adorable lunch bag.

Silicone Straws: These things have changes my life. I have so many different tumblers and could never find a straw that would fit correctly or my kids would bite/break them. These are durable and can be washed. I love putting it in this yeti– yes old news but still by far my fav tumbler and worth EVERY PENNY!

Bed Sheets: We have shared these on Facebook and Instagram but somehow missed the blog! Well a year ago I took a chance by buying sheets from Amazon that were $29 for a king set. Carley & I both own and are never buying overpriced sheets again. These have over 55,000 5 star reviews.

Striped off the shoulder dress: I ordered this at the beginning of summer and its so good. I have the medium and could have gone with small. This would also be adorable if you were pregnant too.

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