hello friends 

Welcome to our world that’s filled with a little style, big messes, and lots of laughs. We are Lindsay and Carley, just two basic super cool moms that want to share our everyday normal with you.

You know when you are chatting with a friend and she reveals where she got those amazing boots for half off, how she got her baby sleeping thru the night, or her new easy meal? We want to become your new besties updating you 24/7 on all things!

How it all began…

Lindsay texted Carley asking to get her opinion on her “new blog” (every girl has that friend they can depend on for everything cool – Carley was her girl!)

Carley loved it and mentioned she was on the verge of starting a blog too.

WAIT WHAT?! We have to do this together… now hurry put the kids to bed! We have to chat.

the babbling blondes was born

A little more about us…

  • Happily married to some of the most handsome men in the world…okay maybe your hubs is cute too
  • #BOYMOMS! There are four adorable boys between us. Cameron (2) Brooks (1) Charlie (3.5) Parker (2)
  • Mom life can be hard, funny, scary, and dirty! We are thankful for all our mom friends to help us survive
  • We both work outside of the home- and at home folding laundry – a moms work is never done
  • Two mom fashionistas- being a mom doesn’t have to mean your style is gone – HELLO ONLINE SHOPPING
  • Between the naps and picking up toys we will share our love for styling our homes and a few mini diy projects
  • We enjoy sipping skinny jalapeno margs together on our patios
  • Although our parties have changed a little from college we love to host a fab event
  • We totally believe that your vibe attracts your tribe – lets have fun, be a little sarcastic, and enjoy this rollercoaster together
  • We might disagree over who Alexa is playing since Carley knows all the words to raps songs and Lindsay is always tapping her booties to country
  • We both skipped out on our home economics class, and are taking the simple route when it comes to “cooking”
  • Internet stalking searching is our game- send us anything you want to know or buy for less and we will find it

If you have made it this far, lets be friends and schedule a time to chat over a few margs!

xoxo- Lindsay & Carley