Have you ever wondered how to build the perfect skincare regimen in your 30’s?  Well, I’ve finally hit that age that I NEED to do something about my skin probably health in general would help too. Recently one of my besties had a spa party for her 30ish birthday at Aurora Medical Spa and I LEARNED so much about skin care and what I could do to help erase those years of damage!

Aurora has a machine called, Visia and it tells all the truths of your skin in a simple quick scan. It measures 6 areas – spots | wrinkles | texture | pores | sun damage | porphyrins (I asked too, its bacteria) A perfect score is 100 – my two worst categories were UV Spots and Porphyrins.


I desperately needed to get in a routine! Here is what the ladies (they are all licensed medial professionals) recommended will help with discoloration, sun damage, wrinkles- basically I might end up looking like HEIDI KLUM not having to wear anything but mascara #goals!


Skin Medica Facial CleanserTNS Ultimate Daily MoisturizerLyter 2.0 Pigment Correcting SerumTNS Recovery Complex

My new routine has added a total of 5 min to my morning and nighttime, this is something that EVERYONE can fit into their day!

skincare regimen

Every morning I toss my hair up in a claw (shark as Cam calls it) and give my face a quick scrub with the facial cleanser, rinse, pat dry. Then an application of TNS Recovery, Lytera, and TNS Moisturizer. Between each layer I let them dry and do my hair, get dressed, change a diaper – you know multi-task!

My nighttime routine is Facial Cleanser, TNS Recovery, and Lytera, and then Dermal Repair Cream mouth guard and off to bed. The Repair Cream makes my skin look and feel so good, it is locking in so much moisture I didn’t even know I needed.

Seriously so simple. I always thought that skincare was going to be too confusing for me to handle, but its not at all.

skincare regimen

I just added a few new products to my arsenal…this lip smooth and lip plump are the best seriously my lips look and feel magical.

Also, before you buy anything be sure to sign up for Brilliant Distinctions, its a free program that you get points for products and services!

If you are in the area give Aurora a call and setup an appointment for a consultation. For those of you that aren’t local and want to get some amazing products they ship.