Summer is quickly approaching and I’ve gathered up all of the must-haves for toddlers.  The days are getting longer and the drinks are getting colder.  With the weather changing I’m all about getting these little busy bees outdoors and playing with some fun toys.  Today I’m sharing some of our favorite must-haves!

Native Shoes–  These shoes by far are top on our list.  Both of my boys wear these 24/7.  They are perfect for hot pool days or even playing around outside. Bonus- they wipe squeaky clean with a little warm water and magic eraser.  DISCLAIMER- they are totally worth the price and make for great hand me downs.

Sunscreen– Babyganics by Target is amazing.  I always tend to buy the lotion vs. spray because I think it goes on thinker and more even.  Make sure you’re using SPF 50+ on those sweet little babes.

Sunglasses Gap and Target always have the cutest ones and provide the polarized option.  Its important to protect our little eyes just like ours.

Hat– I love these because they stay on and block 99% of UVA/UVB rays!  This hat is currently on sale!

Chapstick This by far is my favorite brand.  It’s perfect for faces and lips.  I love how it’s available in stick form which makes it easy to apply on littles.

Beach towel– Pottery Barn Kids by far has the best selection for cute beach towels.  They are always on sale too!  I love that they even offer round ones for a day at the beach!

Lawn mower– What kid doesn’t want to help daddy “cut the grass.”  We have this one and love how a gas can is included.  They too can fill up their mower with gas 🙂

Fubbles– No spill bubbles, need I say more?  This bucket allow 3 kids to play without spilling- perfect for playdates.

Bucket and ShovelMy favorite is the Toysmith Beach Set.  They are so many cute options and the quality of the items is really good.

Baby Wash– My boys always love to get the kiddie pool out in the back yard!  Whats great about summertime is I add some baby shampoo in pool to make a “bubble bath.”  They think it’s pretty cool. Bonus- they get to play and take baths outside which leads to an easy bedtime routine!

Watering CanThis brand is my favorite and the quality is so great.  My boys love to “help” water mommy’s flowers!  I constantly fill it up for them and it keeps them busy for a good 10 minutes.

Water TableWe love this fun pirate ship themed out door water table.  It comes with a ton of accessories.  Add a swimsuit and some sunscreen and your kids will be in heaven.

Googles– I am obsessed with these and can’t say enough wonderful things about them.  There is a double strap which helps the googles stay on your littles face.  They are super comfortable too.

Popsicle Molds– Cool off with a childhood classic this summer.  Just fill the molds with your favorite ingredient – try fresh juice, fruit puree, yogurt, smoothies, and more. In about 8 hours you’ve got delicious homemade pops!  My boys love these!

Any must haves that we are missing?