sick kids

One of the hardest things about being a mom is seeing your kids sick. When sickness hits our house usually both boys get it. We are snuggled up for a few days till they feel better.  I know as soon as my kids start acting sick I call my mom, text my girlfriends, check google, then call the Dr. to get us in right away. Our pediatrician is always amazing about seeing the boys and fitting them in right away, then a quick trip to the pharmacy and we are good to go. Minus now- I have to get two rambunctious sick boys to take their medicine- the hard part.

sick toddler

I was recently talking to a neighbor (momma of 3) that introduced me to the Pacidose, it is the easiest way to get your kids to take all their medication and not spit it out. The more I learned about Pacidose the more I was excited to try it (minus the sickness).

The Pacidose bypasses the tastebuds with a tiny tube down the center of the pacifier. A pharmacy grade syringe gently pushes the medicine to the back of the tongue – or with my kids they love the paci so much that they take the medicine right down! They even come with different options depending on your littles age.


what to do when your littles are sick  (just a mom here not a doc)

  • Do not panic and stay away from google (HA). Pediatricians usually have a nurses line and an after hours exchange that you can call to get advice on what to do until you can get to the doctor.
  • Stay home, snuggle, keep them hydrated. Kids are tricky sometimes they start to act better then you think you can leave the house…two seconds later they’re puking.
  • Start the laundry & bust out the disinfectant. Make sure everyone is washing their hands and not sharing cups, bottles, pacis – trust me easier said than done but it will help in the long run!
  • Diaper rash– this is the cure all. Just mix the following together



  • Some moms are talented and can just tell by feeling if their kid has a temp- I’m not that mom so I take their temp every few hours. The first question our doctor usually asks is about the temp, has it changed etc. This thermometer is our fav.
  • Fevers are not the worst- they can actually help fight off the bad things. Use your Pacidose for giving medication to bring down the fever (always check with a doctor for dosage – mine gave us a great conversion chart)


  • Put a blanket over their bed or chair- its just easier to wash then clean your furniture after.
  • Get out the puke bucket and keep it close.
  • Small sips of Pedialyte every 20 min… they also make pops the boys love. Again small sips, it might be easiest to use your Pacidose.
  • Start probiotics – it helps to get their system back on track.


Pacidose was invented by Dr. Angie Scoville, who is a mom, a veteran, a doctor, and an entrepreneur.  Dr. Aggie takes her medical education, time in the ER, and mom life experiences and turns them into products that every parent needs. She really just wants to keep her family healthy and luckily ours too. Talk about a super women.


Hope you little ones feel better soon and you don’t catch whatever they have!

Nothin’ a mom loves more than being able to find everything they need from Amazon – so easy!

XO- Lindsay