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Hi mama, if you are looking for the best advice for new moms you have found it.  A few years ago I was searching Pinterest for everything first time mom, packing my bag, and creating the best nursery. I know you have got so many things to do and so little time left, which is why I  wanted to share all the best advice.  I also know that every mom (and baby) is different so I had friends and followers to give their best advice too.  My heart was so happy with all of the submissions coming in from all these sweet moms, then I was also kinda peeing in my pants (take that as advice) from the hilarious moms!

the best advice for new moms + hospital bag guide | Being a new mom is scary so I am sharing my best advice and a simple guide for what you really need to pack in you hospital bag !

First things first, advice will be coming in hot from everyone…

Grandma : Oh we didn’t use car seats
Mom : I covered you in baby powder you lived
Friend : You have to breastfeed. It’s the only way
Co-worker : Breast feeding was terrible – formula only
Grocery Store Checker : You have to co-sleep for a year
Neighbor : Natural birth at home is the only way
Boss: My husband never fed the baby

Do what works for you and your family girl!

Real mom advice from delivery thru the first year!

  • Listen to your gut. Trust that mom instinct it’s in there!
  • You do not get a gold star for breastfeeding… so if it doesn’t work out its okay because a fed baby is best.
  • Don’t set expectations sometimes the unexpected is better.
  • Google Photos – always back up the 500000 pictures you are taking.
  • Get out of the house. Even just for a walk around the block or at the mall. You need some fresh air. Showers and fancy clothes aren’t required.
  • If you feel off, not yourself, depressed, please seek help. From friends, family or a professional. Its 100% okay to get help.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Anything from needing a nap to needing help if you are sad.  (tons of moms said this)
  • Do not have expectations for your delivery – no one can plan their delivery and your Dr. will do what is best for you.
  • The first few weeks are hard. Its okay to not be okay. You’ll get thru it.
  • Do not compare yourself to other moms, the internet, or books. Do what works for you!
  • Enjoy every moment, even the middle of the night snuggles. You will miss it.
  • Drop all expectations. Survival mode above all else.
  • Parenthood is a series of trial and errors, no one is perfect!
  • Babies don’t come with answers. It’s just a matter of finding & figuring it out.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll never remember that your house was a mess or you had laundry everywhere, but you will remember the moments with your babes.
  • Be patient with yourself, your partner and your baby.
  • Don’t feel bad, guilty, or like you have to justify what works for your family.
  • Breastfeeding is not an automatic thing babies know how to do. Just like everything in life, practice makes perfect.
  • Lots of fresh air for your girls if you are breastfeeding…. I walked around with no top on half the time.
  • It only takes 2-3 weeks for the nipples to get used to breast feeding.
  • Don’t give up. So many moms say they wish they would have breast fed longer. Also, its okay to stop nursing and use formula. Don’t cause yourself a mental breakdown because your baby won’t latch or feed.
  • Getting babies to sleep is way harder than I thought.
  • Choose one sleeping technique and stick to it. It only takes a few nights for them to adjust!
  • Don’t feel obligated to have visitors come over until you are ready.
  • Use a retainer cup to keep pacifiers in.
  • White noise machine is a must… also a portable one. (or an app)
  • Keep a backup of everything you might need in your car. Diapers, wipes, snacks!
  • Not matter how good your child nurses, make the last feeding before you go to bed a formula bottle.
  • Always keep your diaper bag packed and replace what you use when you get home.
  • Get a mom clip for stroller and battery powered fan (mom you might love the fan too #hotflash)
  • Start introducing bottles sooner than later to help them get used to them.
  • Always pack disposable diaper bags, changing pad and an extra bottle.

Very funny and true advice!

  • Drop all expectations. Survival mode above all else.
  • Zoloft and Jesus
  • Take ibuprofen around the clock for the first few days and keep the ice packs coming.
  • Put the newborn in the nursery and get some sleep. The nurses are pros and will wake you when they need to eat.
  • Make dad get up! You didn’t make the baby on your own.
  • Just get the depends and take the stool softener.
  • Wine. Lots of it.
  • Delivery, get the epidural!
  • Buy the booger sucker.
  • Never get waxed during pregnancy!
  • Sleep on a towel for the first 4 months because night sweats are a real damn thing!
  • Do not let anything said between 10 pm and 6 am count – ha I needed this with my hubs (craz at 2 am)
  • Let them sing, its good for their lungs. This is from my fav uncle… he would say that the kids were singing when they were crying. This will seriously make you laugh when you want to cry. At the store and the kids are crying.  You can’t get them to stop and people are looking at you…”oh, they have the best singing voice don’t they?”

Onto the list of what to pack in your hospital bag. I wanted to keep this list simple because your hospital has sooo much stuff for you I see zero reason to bring extras!

Friendly reminder : My boys came 3 and 4 weeks early so get the bag ready ha! My favs are also linked! If you want the pretty printable version get it here… the ultimate hospital packing guide

Robe – I wore a robe daily while I was at the hospital with both boys!
Nursing tank
Nursing Bra
High-rise compression pants (or workout pants)
Fugly big underwear (or sport the mesh- a new trend. I haven’t tried them but have heard amazing reviews!)
Comfy PJs with button top
Going home outfit
Nipple cream

Shampoo + Conditioner + Soap
Toothbrush +Toothpaste
Dry Shampoo
Hair ties + Brush + blow dryer

Car Seat
Going Home Outfit
4- Zipper sleepers – these are perfect with the hand covers too!
2- swaddles

Dad / Electronics / Documents
2 changes of clothes
Cell charger with long cord
Camera + Charger
Insurance, License etc (we were able to pre – register and didn’t need this)

I hope this makes life a little bit easier as you prepare in the final few weeks!

XO- Lindsay the best advice for new moms + hospital bag guide | Being a new mom is scary so I am sharing my best advice and a simple guide for what you really need to pack in you hospital bag !

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