Today we are sharing a fun toddler holiday gift guide.

I will be the first to say that none of our boys are truly wanting anything this holiday season (still too young).  Below is a list of items we came up with for under the tree.  We broke it down into five categories.





Local memberships & activities

We also share our big secret on how to score those big ticket items for less!


WANT -bring on all the toys

Picasotiles: We discovered these from our daycare and currently have two sets because our boys CANNOT get enough of them! Seriously worth every penny! This is the set we have at home but these seem like a better deal with great reviews.

Tumble Train: If your little is usually bouncing off the walls and loves trains add this to your cart! Plus it is under $15.

Mini Trampoline: This trampoline is perfect to burn some energy and get some great laughs. My big guy thinks “butt bombs” are hilarious!

Mini Drum Set : Your initial thought is HECK NO to a drum set but I promise this one isn’t annoying or loud and its under $20.

toddler toys drum set

Kids Korner Lacing Shapes & Color Peg Board: Both of my boys love these.  They are great for fine motor skills too!

Wooden Train Set: This one my nieces have – it comes with over 100 pieces for less than $40. If you want to start your train commitment smaller get this smaller set.


train set toddlers

Rody: This little pony was a hand me down and our boys have loved him since they were under a year old! Rody comes in so many fun colors too and bigger sizes.

Kids Kitchen: Is anyone else shocked and how adorable these sets are now?

Melissa & Doug Birthday Party Cake: What toddler doesn’t like to pretend to sing HBD and blow out candles.  They also have a fun pizza set.  Check it out here. 

Big Kids Jeep: Definitely a big ticket item that can be for multiple kids or from grandparents on both sides! Comes in pink too!



Big Boy transition- My two year old will be getting a new bed this year. Since that is no fun to open we are having him open his new sheets and decor.

Winter Coats

Boots/New shoes 

  • Rain Boots are perfect if you bundle up you littles feet – under $30 too!
  • Heavy Winter Boots– At $55 these are definitely a splurge for kids shoes (for us) but you can pass down or resell. Our boys love to be outside and I’m sure will be playing in any snow we get this year

Activities – Think of anything your child needs for their sport.  New bat, soccer ball, dance shoes, etc.


This is the perfect time to update your children PJs or if you have little ones that like to shop get them an outfit that they would love.


PJ sets:


We posted a holiday book guide and toddler book guide earlier this year BUT here are a few new favs….

Pig the Pug– This book is so funny and can help teach your littles about SHARING – We say that word 24/7 in our house hoping it will stick soon.

Pout Pout Fish– Another great book to teach your child- plus you get to make a funny noise!

Pajama Time – Anything to help with bedtime right? Carley actually got me this book when Cam was born – so sweet


Memberships: We have so many local places that you can buy annual passes to.  They are usually discounted 40% off on BLACK FRIDAY!  If you go a few times you’ve paid for it!

Lessons: Two years ago we gave swim lessons as a gift to my mom and son. We know that she loves spending time with our boys and what a fun experience for them too!


Our tip to snag some of those big ticket items: Find a local mom swap page on Facebook or check with friends and family that kids are looking to purge toys. Last year we snagged a mini golf cart for my boys for $200 off by getting it on the swap site. It was in perfect condition and he definitely didn’t know it was “used”.

Happy holiday shopping- we will post any great deals we find so don’t forget to follow along on our Facebook!

xo- Lindsay + Carley