Yes- I am saying it- a vacation without kids

you deserve this – your children will survive- you will have a good time

It started this post months ago right before taking a trip with my husband and a few friends. I went back and forth on this because I can hear the nay-sayers backlash on this topic. Sorry nay- sayers I hope this post pushes one mama to get online and book a vacation without kids!

Our first vacation we took without my son he was 4 months old- we packed up the pump and headed to Napa for the weekend! It was truly magically like I was giddy all weekend no rules, no schedule, nothing to worry about for 3 days! Did I miss my son – yes – did I type up a crazy baby guide – yes – did he live – yes! So if I could give one little piece of advice to new parents, its to plan a trip! It could be a month or a year after your precious baby arrives just get on a plane, car, boat and enjoy a little vacation.


#basicnapaphoto do you see the happiness in my face- vacay mode!

Why you should start planning a vacation or staycation soon….

  • We are constantly the keeper of all things, the scheduler, the cook, the maid. Your mind needs a break- a break that is longer than the 2 hours between your kids between and your bedtime!
  • Remember that guy you married years ago…super funny, handsome, tells you that your beautiful daily! We all need a break from our fast paced, busy schedule to reconnect. You don’t need to get all Dr.Phil a few days of laughing brings back all the feels.
  • Your kids will LOVE the time away from you too. Who would love getting spoiled by grandparents!
  • I know you are working hard- I don’t care if you are working 14 hour shifts or folding laundry for 10 hours a week. Being a mom is hard and you deserve a break!
  • Sleep- what is that? My boys are great sleepers, but wouldn’t it be nice to wake up when you want to. The nights that I go to bed on time and my kids sleep past 6 am I feel so refreshed, think of a few nights of that!
  • Splurge on something fun you can’t do with the kids in tow.  You shouldn’t feel bad for spending a little money on yourself for a vacation or something special.
  • Invite your friends they need a break too! You know the nights that you get 3 hours with your gals and your head was pounding from a hangover cheeks hurt from laughing. A good vacay can hold you over for months!


a little sun and some margs

Don’t you think you should get out your computer and start looking for a little spot to go?? Here are a few places Carley and I have went for getaways.

  • Austin- this town is sooooo much fun. My hubs surprised me and had a group of friends join us.
  • Scottsdale- you can’t beat the weather in the spring/fall here.  Great hiking too!
  • Cabo- who doesn’t love Mexico and margaritas
  • Napa –  our first weekend getaway without my first son
  • Fairhope- this little town is gorgeous

What are your thoughts on kid free vacations?

Any favorite destinations you have to share?

XO- Lindsay


If you need a trip with the kids AFTER your vacay – I share all my travel tips here!